About Us

logo.pngWe manufacture stainless steel kitchenware products and much more for restaurant owners and halwais. The experience of our forefathers who worked in the hotel and kitchen line has helped us to develop products of practical use of every man running restaurants and rendering catering services. we also have something for the households as we have sold utensils and their stands since 1960. so take out some time and do visit our shop and enjoy our experience.

The name of our unit is ANAND UDYOG MANDIR and the word “Mandir” is enough to demonstrate our faith in the work that we do as we believe we are not making products but crafting out statues of god that will serve each of our customers, and bring all sorts of health and wealth to them.

Our first commitment is quality and safety. And thus, we work as a team and we believe that we are a family that works for a satisfied customer.